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100% Plant-Forward

We take special care to ensure that our recipes are 100% plant forward and there are no mix ups.

Diverse Menu & Grocery List

We keep on changing the menus very often so that you are not bored by having the same dish.

Nutritional Information

We ensure that you are up to speed with every single recipes nutritional values and macro nutrients and even an easy bar-code to scan and upload your meal into your favorite app

What's All The Plant-Forward Buzz About?

From The Kitchen Counter of Daniela Gattel,

Want to find out more about Plant-forward?

Well, for starters, you’ve heard right — Plant-Forward is about lasting results.

It melts away the pounds, shrinks your waistline, and reduces pesky bloat caused by all those unhealthy-heavy-processed meals.

The result? ---> A new, trim you.

But don’t be fooled — cutting out junk-heavy processed food isn’t enough.

If you want to enter lasting permanent results, a flat stomach for years to come, and see reliable results, you need a good healthy meal plan.

Plant-Forward gives you that custom meal plan, plus 24/7 support from professional nutritionists, and access to a community of people on the same journey.

Take the first step and keep those pounds off for good with these plant-forward meal plans.

"Why Starting a Plant-Forward Diet Is The Best Option"

And why a personalized meal plan is ideal. Mostly Plants, and well-balanced macronutrients — that’s all there is to it. But why does it work? A balanced range causes the body to restore itself to its healthy weight, almost without you doing anything.

Well, all you gotta do is eat!

Daniela Gattel MS NBC MHC CSNC

Founder, The Plant-Forward Diet

Daniela Gattel Founder The Plant Forward Diet

Sounds great, right?!? ...but there’s a problem…

Many people don’t know how to start a plant-forward plan that works. They don’t know what a healthy diet menu for beginners looks like, aside from limiting carbs here and there and adding some protein at breakfast.

And yet, if they can’t figure it out and stay consistent, they won’t see the results they’re looking for.

Let’s look at why plant-forward makes it so much easier to stick to the diet.


  • We give a lot of importance to taste. Each are every dish of ours is an absolute delight to eat.


  • We keep on changing our menu on a regular basis so that you are not bored of one type of food.


  • We don't just give you a bunch of recipes for you to try, we organize them in monthly menu so there is no more guesswork. 


  • Our meal plans combined the most nutritious ingredients, they are balanced and most importantly they are all healthy.

    We Made The Plant-Forward Meal Plans Just For You

    the plant forward diet


    A Fully Personalized, Effective Meal Plan... Every Month

    Starting a Plant-Forward diet can feel daunting. Plant-forward uses your food preferences, activity level, and medical background to craft a master plan for your success. Lose weight easily and quickly with a tailored monthly menu and over 20+ recipes a month to try and love.

    the plant forward nutritionist


    24/7 Professional Nutritionist Support

    Want to know if that midnight snack will set back your progress? Need a little more guidance to shed those last few pounds? 

    Message our professional nutritionist support team to get all the answers whenever you need them.

    the Plant Forward Workout


    A fully personalized workout program!

    Don’t worry — this is 100% optional and it's our gift to you.

    Made with the Plant-forward diet in mind, this program accounts for your physical health and body type. And the exercises are designed for any environment, so no need to pay that gym membership fee.

    Stop Making These Common Diet Mistakes

    Rushing With No Plans

    We know how it goes. You wanted to get started with your healthy diet as soon as possible. And for that, we commend you. After all, eating healthy is one of the best ways to get healthier, lose weight, have more energy, and add years to your life
    But the diet is only as effective as the plan you adopt. Going into any diet without being prepared just doesn’t work. The human body can’t adapt quickly, so it spikes cortisol, the stress hormone, anytime major changes are made to your diet or exercise. That stress can cause you to overindulge on junk food, causing weight gain. We at Plant-Forward know this and that's why our plans include desserts

    Eating Unbalanced Macro

    Whether you’ve learned to love them or hate them, macros can make or break your diet. And here’s the thing: it’s easy to get caught up in minimizing carbs. 
    That’s good, but it’s not enough. Finding random recipes online might help you there, but you’re almost guaranteed to neglect other essential macros. 
    For instance, fiber helps keep your digestive system healthy, but it can also regulate hunger and make you feel full. If you don’t have enough fiber, you’re going to feel hungry and end up overeating.

    Not Getting Enough Nutrients & Vitamins

    No doubt you already know the value of feeding your body the right fuel. But do you know why it’s so important? 
    When you miss out on nutrients and vitamins, you feel tired. That lack of energy translates to slower weight loss. In some cases, you can even end up gaining weight. 
    What starts as a less than ideal diet can turn into a problem that undoes all your hard work.

    Not Giving Your Body Time

    We know how it works. You start a new diet and obviously you want to see results fast. This is what the mainstream weight loss industry want you to believe, you can get results fast, however we, at Plant-Forward, know that it takes time for your body to adjust to a new dietary regimen. 

    We keep things real and we want to let you know it can takes up to two weeks for you to see a smaller number on the scale. 

    No false promises, we want you to know what you put yourself into.


    Featured Recipes From This Month

    Vegan Pancakes for Breakfast

    Bread Toast with Avocado

    Vegan Salad Bowl

    Vegan Burger and Fries

    Vegan Meatballs

    Avocado Sushi

    "The recipes are super yummy, not to mention the desserts. Surprisingly to me, I discovered the love for healthy food and by eating Plant-Forward all my bloating went away very fast "

    Mary O

    "I've never thought I would enjoy eating vegetables so much. The cooking videos have been tremendous help and it's fun to be cooking again"

    Julissa T.

    "Well, it's been an amazing ride for sure, not only for the 20 lbs I lost but most importantly for the knowledge I gain around food, balanced nutrition, and eating for lasting results ."

    Alessya M.

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